Resume and a bit more about me!

  • Currently working in freelance, helping to edit and consult on several unnamed projects.

  • Designed and edited more than 20 titles in my time at Webtoon

  • ​SCAD Master's Degree in Sequential Arts​

  • BFA in Illustration with a concentration in Visual Communication

  • Advocate for marginalized stories and storytellers, including stories by and for people of color, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, and other underrepresented persons

  • Huge graphic novel and book nerd, having dedicated more than half my life to both of those mediums

  • I love stories from a wide array of genres and mediums

  • Addicted to dungeons and dragons and other TTRPGs (let's talk stories! let's play a game!)

  • An artist in my own right, often experimenting in new ways to tell a story